Everything you need to know about Impangele Estate
Everything you need to know about Impangele EstateFriday, 22nd March 2019Impangele is the perfect Estate if you seek to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is situated in Kidds Beach and is only 20km from the East London airport. This means you’re a quick drive away from the city should you have t...
Ways to Save Water at Home
Ways to Save Water at HomeTuesday, 12th March 2019Despite the recent rain we received, we need to conserve water as we move into winter to avoid a shortage. Please become more conscious about the amount of water your family uses and minimize your daily water needs as every drop counts.
Moving made simple
Moving made simpleThursday, 28th February 2019Moving is the pits and everyone has been there at some point in their life. There is a solution to making it a better experience for you and the whole family. They key is to be organized. Read our tips below on how to take the load off
Why every home owner needs a Will
Why every home owner needs a WillTuesday, 12th February 2019We do not all realize the importance of having a Will. The fact is, life is precious and it can end at any moment. For this reason, we should prepare ourselves for that day before it’s too late. Listed below are some essential reasons why not to pu...
Things to look out for when buying a home
Things to look out for when buying a homeWednesday, 6th February 2019We all dream of owning a property and living in a space which is exclusively ours. With our helpful tips we hope to get you a step closer to living that dream!Affordability:Everyone would like to have their dream home but not at the cost of their own...
5 Reasons to own property
5 Reasons to own propertyTuesday, 29th January 2019For those who think owning property is for the old and wise, think again. You are never too young to start thinking about owning your own property. Below are 5 great reasons why:1. An investmentBuying any type of property is a huge investment as it t...
Recycling 101
Recycling 101Friday, 21st December 2018To all of us something different comes to mind when we hear the word “Recycling.” For some it’s a way of life and for others it’s a total schlep. We want to help you get excited about recycling so here’s a few pointers on what’s recyclabl...
10 Things to do in Kidd’s Beach
10 Things to do in Kidd’s BeachTuesday, 18th December 2018Kidd’s Beach is situated approximately 20km outside of East London. Life is simple in Kidd’s Beach and we wouldn’t want it any other way. The beach is untouched which makes it perfect for surfers, snorkelers, fishermen or a picnic with the fami...
Christmas 5 Days of Going Green Blog
Christmas 5 Days of Going Green BlogFriday, 14th December 2018We have wrapped up 5 days of fun filled activities to help you go green this holiday.
6 Reasons why Home Loans Aren’t Scary
6 Reasons why Home Loans Aren’t ScaryWednesday, 31st October 2018Our MHG Home loans team can help ease your nerves, because home loans shouldn’t have to be scary!
5 Common Questions When Purchasing a Property
5 Common Questions When Purchasing a PropertyMonday, 15th October 2018As you get ready to face the new journey of buying a property, we understand that you have so many unanswered questions. That is exactly why we are here to help. We gathered some of our most frequently asked questions by some of our first-time proper...
Five Home Loans Myths
Five Home Loans MythsTuesday, 25th September 2018For first time buyers, we realize that assumptions regarding the home loan application and approval is stressful.  We unpacked some of the top home-buying myths you’ll encounter on your journey. Be sure to get in touch with our Home Loans team if ...
Safety Tips for Spring
Safety Tips for SpringFriday, 14th September 2018We live in a country known for its vibrancy and dynamism, but sadly, not its safety. We gathered some safety tips that you can live by to ensure the best safety for you and your family.
Building Loans and interim interest
Building Loans and interim interestThursday, 19th July 2018There are 3 Steps to a building loan:
Road to the Coast - Johannesburg to East London, Kidds Beach
Road to the Coast - Johannesburg to East London, Kidds BeachWednesday, 27th June 2018If you are planning a road trip down to the coast this holiday, we have got everything planned for you. Here is a list of stops along the way to East London if you are leaving Johannesburg and surrounds.
Road Trip Rules This Holiday
Road Trip Rules This HolidayWednesday, 20th June 2018A road trip is the perfect opportunity to forget all your worries and make memories along the way. We have set up some rules to ensure that you and your family have a pleasant trip down to your final stop, Kidd’s Beach.
5 Facts: Benefits of a Holiday Home - Kidds Beach Green Estate
5 Facts: Benefits of a Holiday Home - Kidds Beach Green EstateFriday, 15th June 2018Buying a holiday home can be tricky. Avoid the disappointment of getting to your booked holiday destination and finding that photographs can sometimes be deceiving. Secure your holiday living by investing in a holiday home, knowing that it will be ...
House Rentals has its benefits [6 Reasons]
House Rentals has its benefits [6 Reasons]Friday, 22nd September 2017You may have seen some apartments and houses for rent, and heard that renting has its benefits, but what are they and why should renting even be considered?

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